CHS was founded in 1927 in response to a desperate need for affordable homes in Cambridge.  Alarmed by the squalid housing conditions many of the town's poorest families lived in and the growing council waiting lists following the First World War, members of the United Council of Christian Witness decided to form a Housing Society.  Their rallying cry was to provide 'homes fit to live, within the reach of the lowest wage earner' and throughout its lifetime, CHS has tried to live up to this aim.

We have a plan to celebrate our 90th anniversary that touches every part of the CHS community and hope everyone will join us.  This page will be updated throughout the year.


Via Facebook and Twitter we regularly post details of events that happened back in 1927.  Here are some examples from the first three months of the year.

Important people for CHS

Mayor John Condor was the first Chair of CHS.  He was born in Hildersham in 1865 and was Liberal mayor of Cambridge 1926-7.

Dr Alex Wood was the first CHS Hon Treasurer and was Chair from 1937-50.  He was a fellow at Emmanuel College, founder of the United Council of Christian Witnesses and a Socialist.

Cllr Dorothy Stevenson was the first CHS Hon Secretary from 1927-33 and went on to Chair the newly formed Hundred Houses Society in 1933

Clara Rackham was a founder member, the first female Labour Cambridge City Councillor and a feminist

Project 90

During the year each of our teams will be participating in Project 90 - setting an ongoing target for the 90th year.

  • Staff joined some residents who also celebrate 90 this year at a tea party at our Langdon House care home
  • On June 10th, a team from across the organisation will be cycling around 90 miles, visting all our residents who share our 90th birthday
  • CandCD, our development team, are aiming to plant 90 trees and to fund a piece of public art using the 90th anniversary symbol, stone

 More Project 90 targets to come...



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Our first homes at Green End Rd, Cambridge


Some of our first residents!


 A call to arms


 We're all 90 this year! Celebrating at Langdon House







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