About CHS Homes

CHS Homes provides and manages about 1600 homes for affordable rent, and about 280 shared ownership or fixed equity homes for purchase. We cover 6 Local authority areas across Cambridgeshire and north Essex, and provide a wide range of homes for families, single people and couples. Some of our homes date back to 1927 when CHS was first founded, although the majority have been built in the last 20 years. We take a pride in providing good quality homes, well maintained, with good value for money. Our housing management service is personal and flexible - every customer , including shared owners, has their own designated Housing Officer who is responsible for managing their 'patch'. Each Housing Officer  gets to know many of the customers on their patch and will help with issues as diverse as rent, improving the neighbourhood, housing advice, problems with neighbours, domestic abuse, changes to tenancy details, plus moving out and moving in.

The Customer Services team is the one-stop shop for all customer enquiries, and will often be able to help immediately as they have a wide range of knowledge and access to information. Just call them on 0300 111 3555.

Our Property Services team makes sure that all homes are in good repair. We respond to your requests for repairs, and also plan regular work such as estate services, servicing and safety checks of gas appliances, external paintwork, programmes of major work such as replacing kitchens and bathrooms.  We provide  these services in partnership with a number of external contractors and consultants.    

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