Anti-social Behaviour

We know that anti-social behaviour is a very important issue for our tenants, and it is for us too. Such behaviour affects lives and is the cause of much distress, this is why we have made a commitment to tackling it.

CHS is committed to:

  • making sure that every tenant enjoys the right of security in thier own home regardless of age, race , religion, gender, disability or sexuality
  • making sure that every tenant's right to the peaceful enjoyment of thier home is protected
  • taking strong and effective action to takle problems of anti-social behaviour, including legal action where necessary
  • responding professionally and sensitively to complaints
  • aiming to ensure that any action is continued until the problem is resloved to your and our satisfaction, although we recognise that this may not be possible in all cases

Click here to find out more about our policies on anti-social behaviour.

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