Ways to have your say

We aim to make sure that our services and priorities are driven by what you want.

To do this we have a range of ways for you to let us know your views, whether positive or negative, on what we do.

You can:

  • Phone, write or email us with your views at any time. Your views will be treated in confidence and will not affect the services you receive from us
  • Join one of our Customer Panels and we will regularly ask your views on what we do
  • Join our Customer Committee or one of our focus groups, like the New Horizons Action Group

We will:

  • Try to contact you in person once every two years so that you can give us your views
  • Organise meetings where you live if you would like to work with us to improve your area
  • Invite your comments on specific issues in each edition of the newsletter

To make sure we take your views into account, we will:

  • Ask for your views on any changes to services which affect you
  • Plan ahead so that you are asked for your views early enough to make a difference, and not at the last minute
  • Every year we will thoroughly check whether we have done what we said we would do, and publish the findings in an annual Customer Report

We will let you know what we have done with what you have told us:

  • When we do surveys we will let you know when you can expect the results
  • In each edition of the newsletter we will let you know how your comments have helped to improve services

We are always looking for ways of involving customers in shaping our business, so if you have an idea please get in touch. For example, we decided to involve residents in helping us to recruit the right people. We have a range of ways of getting involved, from sitting on the Board of CHS to joining our Customer Panel.

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