CHS Homes provides a responsive repairs service to maintain your home in a reasonable condition - the repair responsibilities are set out in section 6 of the Tenancy Handbook - see the Repairs Handbook link on the left-hand navigation bar.

We prioritise repairs by placing then into categories of Emergency, Urgent, Standard and Planned.

  • Emergency Repairs (within 2 hours) 

These are repairs that could put your health, safety or security, at risk, and/or could cause serious damage to the property. This type of repair can be reported at any time on 0300 111 3555. If it is out of office hours, our contractors will attend to make the problem safe, and then complete the repair during normal hours.

Examples of this type of repair include:-

  • Uncontainable leak such as:
    • Severe water leak through a ceiling
    • Burst pipes
  • Unsafe electrical fault (likely to cause injury or fire)
  • Complete loss of heating in cold weather (31 October - 1 May) or at any time if the resident is elderly or vulnerable.


  • Urgent Repairs (within 24 hours)

Examples of this type of repair include:-

  • Blocked main drains
  • Loss of hot water
  • Blocked soil pipe (where the toilet is found to be blocked, you will be charged for the cost of the work , plus an admin charge)
  • Offensive graffiti


  • Standard and Planned Repairs (7 to 28 days)

These are repairs that may affect your comfort, or convenience, or which left alone could become a risk to personal safety or cause damage to the property. It is our aim to make an appointment for the repair at a time that is most convenient to you.

These repairs may include

  • Plastering
  • General carpentry work
  • Doors or windows sticking

More detailed information on repairs and useful advice on how to carry out minor repairs yourself can be found in section 6 of the Tenancy Handbook, or by clicking on the Repairs Handbook link on the left-hand navigation bar.

Once you repair is completed you will receive an automated call from our Call to Survey service. This will ask you whether you were satisfied with the repair by selecting the appropriate options. Any dissatisfied responses will be followed up a telephone call from CHS customer services to discuss the matter in more detail and to try to resolve any issues.


Registering your domestic appliance

Have you ever wondered how they find you?


When companies need to recall their products because of faults, how do they find you?


As you may be aware there is an initiative to make it easier for people to register all of their domestic appliances, to ensure that manufacturers know where find them if a safety repair is needed.  AMDEA works to promote the initiative nationwide, with support from organisations such as Electrical Safety First, Trading Standards and the Fire Services, including the 46 fire and rescue authorities across England and the Fire Services in Scotland and Wales.


A YouGov survey, carried out by AMDEA in December 2016, found that less than half (43%) of UK adults usually register their large domestic appliances, which leaves thousands of owners untraceable if a recall is required.


To register your appliance, please go to”


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