Safeguarding Information

'Safeguarding' in our support services means the act of preventing harm to children and vulnerable adults.  Helping our customers  to stay safe is very important to us. 

Our staff are trained to prevent abuse and to identify and investigate any possible or actual issues.  They follow the CHS Safeguarding Policy and procedure for handling any issues. 

Click here for safeguard policies and procedures:

We follow best practice in preventing any abuse or neglect of our customers - and work closely with the County Council Safeguarding Teams for vulnerable adults (SOVA) and children (POCA) if we suspect, or become aware of any safeguarding issues. Click here for link for Cambridge County council Safeguarding information.

Our staff advise about special 'assistive' technology that can help protect people in their homes from things like accidents, or callers at the door.   We also help people to get gadgets that remind them to do things to stay safe - like switching off the cooker, or remembering to lock the door.  We can also help arrange emergency call services based on your home phone.

Helping our customers to  assess and minimise risks is an essential part of our support services.   Sensible management of risk means that our customers can lead as full and independent life as possible.

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