Service Charges

We make 'service charges' when we provide services like gardening, window cleaning, hot water, heating and lighting, carpets,  furniture, curtains, and white goods such as fridge/freezers and cookers.  Sometimes the services provide differ depending on where you live.  

Where service charges apply we provide a list of each service and the charge for it.  The charges are based on the costs we are likely to pay during the year from April to March.  Most service charges can be paid for by Housing Benefit, except for personal heating, electricity and water.  Click here to view our full Service Charge Policy.


We aim to provide the services that you need - since you are paying for them.  We therefore consult you every year about which services to provide.  Sometimes we have to provide certain services - for example the heating services if there is one comunal boiler for the whole of the housing where you live.  If we think we need to change the services we will consult you before making any changes.  If you think the services should change then let us know and we can consult all your neighbours who would be affected.  If you have questions or comments about your communal services please contact your member of staff.

Water and Sewerage Charges

Many of our residents receive their own water bill and make payments directly to the water company.  Where the water supply is shared - for example in a block of flats or a shared house - we add a weekly charge for water to your rent.  The charge is based on the actual cost of the water - so if you reduce the amount you use you will reduce the charges.

Housing Benefit does not cover water charges.

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