Give us your views and earn Timecredits.

1.) Open and read each pdf.

2.) Answer the questions and email the answers to with your name and address we will then send you your time credits which you can then spend at a whole range of places across the country. Answer all the questions and this will get you six time credits enough to get you and two other people into see a film at the light cinema.

CHS newsletter


1.)Do you read the CHS newsletter?  2 time credits
2.)Are there any other,Articles you would like to see in the newsletter?
3.) Is there anything you would change about the articles inthis edition?
4.) Have you any interesting stories/hobbies youwould be happy to appear in the newsletter?

Customer Portal


1.) What do you think of the design?  1 time credit
2.) Is there anything else you would like to be able to do through the portal?

Annual report 2015


1.) What do you think of the design and content?  3 Timescredits
2.) What kind of things do you want to see in the annual report?

For a full list of the places you can spend time credits click here : Where you can spend time credits

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